Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Frame

Steps for making the Christmas Frame: Pick out the wooden frame of your choice. I painted mine white but that is not necessary. Cut our your designer series paper about an 1/4" bigger than the actual frame. Once its cut you will then need to cut the inside of the frame for the designer series paper. Apply some Modge Podge Glue to the frame and then adhere the designer series paper. Apply about three more coats of modge podge glue to the top of the paper, wait about 3 minutes between each coat. Now for the inside of the frame - measurements will depend on the size of your frame. Pick about what you want on the inside of your frame, stamp that image on some card stock. I used Vanilla cardstock. Then you need to pick out two different colors of card stock for your layers. I used the glimmer card stock for one of them as it adds an added appeal. Have fun with it!

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